Pre-Fill Leak Detector

Leak testing machines are used to test blow and injection moulded bottles for pin holes.

Our machines are operating at safe voltage (24V DC) and lowest power (50 Watts). Its volume to weight ratio is smartly planned for export purpose to make it logistic friendly. Our leak testing machines are highly stable and easy to operate having user friendly HMI display panel for parameter settings. It is a plug n play machine and requires less attention to understand its operation.

We have two major types of leak testing machines :-

1) Principle of fall in pressure.

2) Principle of fall in vacuum.


Product Gallery

1 Angular Head Automatic Leak Detector

1X Spout Leak Detector

8 Head Automatic Leak Detector

2 Head Automatic Leak Detector

Head Drum Leak Detector

1 Head Standalone Leak Detector

4 Head Tin Leak Detector

Leak Detection Closeup

4 Servo Head High Speed Leak Detector

4 Head Automatic Leak Detector

Product Videos

Four Head Automatic Pre-Fill Tin Leak Detector

Single Head Angular Bottle Neck Pre-Fill Leak Detector

Two Head Automatic Pre-Fill Leak Detector

Single Head Automatic Pre-Fill Leak Detector

Standalone Leak Detector

Drum Leak Detector

Spout Leak Detector

Technical Data Sheet

Corrosionpedia explains Technical Data Sheet (TDS) A technical data sheet (TDS) is used for both informational and advertising purposes. From an informational standpoint, a TDS has useful tips about product, such as how to use it, what it is made of, things to be wary of while using the product, and its official name and industry standard specifications. From a marketing standpoint, it may contain pictures and colorful illustrations as well as entire sections describing the benefits that the product will deliver to the end user. A TDS is not to be confused with a material safety data sheet (MSDS). The goal of the MSDS is to specifically inform the end user of any dangers that the product may present. This is not the goal of the TDS, although it may include several safety considerations. Furthermore, material safety data sheets must follow a set template guided by an industry standard, whereas a technical data sheet can be presented at the discretion of the product manufacturer and contain whatever information they deem suitable. Many countries mandate that a material or product have a MSDS; most do not require a TDS.

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