Capping Machines for Bottles

We manufacture automatic screw capping machine for various types of containers like Plastic Bottles, Glass Bottles, Jars, Jerry Cans, etc.

The Machine is designed in such a way that it is easy to adjust and can be mounted to an existing conveyor too.

We provide both the types of Capping Machines – Linear and Rotary – with suitable number of capping heads as per the client’s speed / production requirement.

The Capping Heads are engineered to provide precise torque for capping. Application torque is the rotational force with which a closure/cap is applied to a bottle or jar. Measured in kg-cm, rule of thumb for application torque measurement is half (50%) of the diameter of the closure. For example, a 43mm in diameter cap should have an application torque of between 21 to 22 kg-cm.


Product Gallery

1 Head Linear Plugging with Hopper and Shoot

7 Servo Head Automatic Linear Capping Machine

2 Servo Head Linear Capping with Cap Elevator Machine

3 Servo Head Linear Capping with Cap Elevator Machine

6 Servo Head Rotary Capping Machine

7 Servo Heads Automatic Capping Machine

2 Head Rotary Servo Capping with Cap Hopper and Shoot

Single Head Capping Machine

Single Head Linear Capping Machine

Single Head Linear Capping Machine Front

Spindle Capping Machine

Two Head Capping Machine (Rotary)

Two Head Capping Machine (Rotary)

Product Videos

Automatic Capping Machine for 15 Liter Jars

Four Head Automatic Linear Capping Machine

Online Spindle Capping Machine

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